How to Learn English Fast


1. Listening English Audio

Listening of any English audio at least 30 minutes in a day it will be increasing your English skill. Learning English by music, conversation, news and television are really helpful and have much benefit without enter any English course that makes us boring. If you are a beginner, listen to English in your level too.
Do not force your self listening advance English level. You have to focus on what you can, so that you’ll feel more comfortable and won’t get pressure. Listening of English audio is the most recommend thing you have to do to get fluent. 

2. Translating in English what you have done in a day

You know, I used to do this method. Learn things that I have done is really help me out. You make a list what have you done after your waking up time in the morning till you go to bed at night. Write every activity in a day.
Example, I wake up at 6 in the morning, then I took a shower, after that I had breakfast, and went to the campus. In the campus we had a English subject, then at the lunch time I ate noodle with my friends, then (bla, bla, bla)… up to you finally go to bed. You get what I meant Yep, let’s try to apply this method. Make it first in your own language, then try to translate in English.

3. Reading an English book or Article

In a book, there are so many vocabulary that rarely to get. So, if you always reading a book, several of technical vocabulary will familiar with you soon and it can enlarge your understand of new English word. If you found a vocabulary that you have never found before, just try to translate it in your native language.
And If you are too lazy reading of any books, just try to read a short summary article. You can get it from the internet. Many site serve really short summary article, it could be about health, psychology and motivation.

4. Practicing by joining an English Club

Yeah, after you listening English audio, translating what you have done in a day in English, and reading English book, it’s time to make it perfect by practicing your English skill. You can join in some English club in school or some of English club which exist in your region.
At the point, it involve or encourage you to speak. Talking or chatting with other people will make you more familiar with all of words you have learned. It could be by directly talk or chatting through the internet.

2 Sites to Practice Your English

Practicing English on Internet is the best way to increase English skill for anyone who are not living in English speaking country. Practicing which I meant here is to find someone who can speak English to talk with on Internet. As you know, many English teacher have ever told that if we want to increasing our English skill, just a lot a lot to listen English maybe it could be from audio, movie, music or stuff like that. 
Yeah, it absolutely right, because listening can make our understanding larger. But I think, if we just listening, we only can  be a good listener or we can understand every English conversation, but cannot speak clearly or fluently. You now what, if we just listening all the time, there is no change to make our pronunciation correct and our mouth wont familiar with every word in English. 
It’s like if we trying to speak, we make sound strangely because our accent isn’t trained. I never told you if just listening couldn’t make your English better, I just trying to emphasizing you that just listen it’s NOT ENOUGH! You need a bit conversation sometimes to make it perfect. Well, I don’t really want talking more about that actually, at the point, I just want to share some websites that you can use for practicing your English.. Before you visiting these sites you need to instal Skype first. So, If you haven’t install the Skype in your computer yet, you can download it on its official site here: Okay, I wish Skype has installed in your computer, and here are the sites: is a site that you can find a partner to talk with from many country. As you can see at the pic above, if you want to make a voice call or vdeo call, just klicking one of the list skype icon. You’ll directed to skype and the conversation will be begin 😀 Before you make a call, please look at where they are from, their age, and level.

2. is my favorite one to find a partner to talk with in English. Because the interface really familiar end easy to use. First, you need to fill the “Skype name”,”age”and”gender”. After that, just click “Add  Me” button. Same as the first site, you just clicking one of several icon like you can see at that picture. And then directly the conversation we’ll be began through the Skype. If you want to speak with voice call, just klik the “phone icon”. If you just chat by message, click icon “chat”. That’s it!

The Best English Teacher on Youtube

As you know, on Youtube, there are so many videos that you can find, included tutorial video how to learn English. People think that’s a good idea if just have English by Youtube because we can save money without enter any of English course. And I as the author of this site, actually not from English country. I could speak and write a little English because every single day I always spend time on computer to have English by listening, watching etc through internet. In turn of to learn English by Youtube, There are so many channels that you can learn from, but you are still confused which channel is the best to take? Well, here are some channels that I recommend you to improve your English skill.

1.  Effortless English by A.J. Hoge

Well, I put him first because he is a really famous people on Youtube by his methods in teaching English. He has a lot of students from all around the world. Many secret and method to get fluent English quickly, easily and powerfully will AJ.Hoge tell you. One of the most popular method is Learn English by watch movie it’s called “Movie Technique”. So, if you guys are English learners you must subscribe his channel right now. You can have the free lessons, and if you have enough money you can buy the VIP lessons.
Rachel deserve in the second position. Cause almost every her video are really helpful. One the most I noticed from his method is How to pronounce English clearly and how to speak sound like a native speaker. If you have problem with pronunciation, Rachel can help you to solve it. Not only pronounce, she can teach you some idioms, slang, and vocab too.
Yeah, he is the third best English teacher on Youtube in our opinion. He has a lot of techniques to teach you to get English better. I really like his method, he brings us into a real English situation with one of his method that called “Master English Conversation” . And there are many other interesting course. I recommend to you to learn everything on his channel. There are for beginner lessons and advanced.
Gabby Wallace’s channel not really long time exist on Youtube, but she can reach many students from almost all country in the world. Her channel grew really fast because many English learners love her method in teaching English. In her channel, she always uploads video about solve things that make us confused in English, for example : “Difference had been and have been” And she will explain to you until you understand.

5. Speak English with Misterduncan

Hmm, this is the funniest and the oldest British English teacher on Youtube, I could say this one is the senior teacher. The way teach you English really funny and fun. Each videos must making you laugh. Because of that he have over 61 million views. I recommend you to subscribe his channel if you like learning English by funny things. 

6. JenniferESL

If you are really really beginner in English, this channel will be the best for you. Because she can teach you the really basic of English and the way really smoothly and slowly to keep you understand what is she saying. She is really beautiful and patient, always give you the best method to learn English, especially for beginners. 

7. TeacherPhilEnglish

Here is the best channel for you guys who want to speak English fast. He will teach you how to speak naturally and sound like an american native speaker by technique connecting word. There are English for some situation like videos talking about business, job applicant etc. And then there are lesson English by reading and see an image as well that really helpful to enlarge your understanding vocabulary. He is one of my favorite English teacher. For beginner we couldn’t feel hard to understand every his videos lesson because he speaks very very clear.

8. Learn English with Steve Ford

This is an English teacher who can answer your complaint in learning English. Just ask a question he will help you by giving a best answer, like you can ask about the best method to be fluent and give you some suggestion. He really friendly for everyone. He always answering your comment as soon as possible as he can. His videos lesson are talking about grammar, vocabulary like words in traveling, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, etc.

9. Doing English with Julian

He will teach you one of his popular technique in learning English, it’s called “Shadowing”. The technique of Shadowing is just listening some English and you repeat it at the same time. It could be a conversation or monologue. Julian said that this method can improve your listening skill, pronunciation and your accent. If you are curious about this method, just see this method on his channel.

10. Espresso English by Shayna

Finally we move to the last one. 
Okay, my friends, although her subscribers as not much as the others as I mention, I honestly say this channel is really really powerful teaching you English. I have learned a lot from her channel. If I can compare from all of the teacher English, I thought she is the number 1 English Teacher ever. If you don’t trust me, you just try to watch one of his video. I guarantee you’ll interested.
Okay guys., That’s all Top 10 Channels English Teacher on Youtube that I have ever learned. I just share to you where you can find the best channel for learning English on Youtube, and it’s just my experience. Maybe you think the sequence doesn’t fit, but we have a different opinion and actually it depends on you. Don’t forget to click SHARE if you like this! Thanks and Have a Great Day!

Cara membedakan At, In, dan On (Preposition)

Cara membedakan At, In, dan On (Preposition) memang sedikit rumit. Pasalnya, ada banyak kriteria penggunaan yang harus kita ketahui. Penggunaan On, In dan At semuanya mengandung arti kata “di” atau “pada” namun penempatannya itu yang kadang membingungkan. Tak jarang kita sering salah atau tertukar dalam menempatkan.

Preposition ini secara umum dibagi menjadi 2 penggunaan, yakni untuk menunjukan posisi/tempat dan digunakan untuk menunjukan waktu. Masih ada lagi jenis preposition lain seperti since, by, from, to, till/untill dll. Namun pada kesempatan ini, saya hanya membahas secara skhusus Cara membedakan At, In, dan On saja.

1. Cara membedakan At, In, dan On untuk menunjukan posisi/tempat.

prepositions of place

2. Cara membedakan At, In, dan On untuk menunjukan waktu.

preposition of time

Baik, sekarang sudah paham Cara membedakan At, In, dan On? Saya rasa dengan melihat tabel diatas sudah cukup membuat Anda paham bagaimana menggunakan preposition dalam kalimat dengan tepat. Jangan lupa share dan likenya!

Perbedaan kata kerja, kata sifat, kata benda dan kata keterangan in English

Membedakan antara kata kerja (verb), kata sifat (adjective), kata benda (noun) dan kata keterangan (adverb) sama seperti kita belajar memahami jenis kata dalam bahasa Indonesia. Jika Anda paham penggunaan jenis-jenis kata atau sering dikatakan sebagai kelas kata (part of speech) di Bahasa Indonesia, Anda akan lebih mudah memahami dalam penggunaannya dibahasa Inggris pula.


1. Kata Kerja (Verb)

Kata kerja (verb) dalam bahasa Indonesia adalah verbal merupakan kata yang menggambarkan tentang suatu aksi, kegiatan, atau aktivitas. Dan ciri-cirinya, kebanyakan kata kerja ini bila kata-katanya diterjemahkan dari Inggris ke Indonesia itu mengandung awalan “Me-“. Ingat, KEBANYAKAN.. tidak semua. 🙂
Do (Me-lakukan) – I do my home work (Saya mengejakan PR saya)
Cook (Me-masak) – We cook fish (Kita memasak ikan)
Hit (Me-mukul) – She hits me (Dia memukul ku)

Cut (Me-motong) – You cut the wood (Kamu memotong kayu itu)

2. Kata Sifat (Adjective)

Kata sifat (adjective) merupakan jenis kata yang menjelaskan tentang suatu keadaan atau kondisi. Dan ciri-ciri dari kata sifat dalam bahasa Inggris, biasanya dalam kalimat sebelum kata sifat tersebut pada umunya didahului oleh “to be” yang mana kita telah bahasa sebelumnya pada artikel “Masih Bingung Penggunaan Am, Is, dan Are (to be)??

Contoh :
Nice (Baik) – She is nice kid (Dia anak yang baik)
Good (Bagus) – You are good in English (Kamu pintar dalam bahasa Inggris)
Tall (Tinggi) – Your brother is really tall (Saudara mu sangat tinggi)

3. Kata benda (noun) 

Kata benda (noun) umumnya merupakan kata yang menjelaskan tentang sesuatu yang nampak (bisa dilihat), dirasakan, dan dapat disentuh. Dan ini merupakan jenis kata yang paling mudah untuk diidentfikasi.

Book (Buku)
Table (Meja)
Car (Mobil)
Floor (Lantai)

4. Kata keterangan

Kata keterangan (adverb) merupakan kata yang mendeskripsikan sesuatu seperti : kapan sesuatu itu terjadi, seperti apa itu terjadi, dengan siapa dan bagaimana suatu kejadian itu terjadi. Dan biasanya adverb ini sering kali berada di belakang kalimat.

Slow-ly (dengan lambat)  – I drive a car slowly (Saya mengendarai mobil dengan lambat)

Fast-ly (dengan cepat) – She drives a car fastly (Dia mengendarai mobil dengan laju)

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Sekian pembahasan tentang Perbedaan kata kerja, kata sifat, kata benda dan kata keterangan in English. Jika masih kurang paham, silahkan tanyakan dikolom komentar dibawah, saya akan menjawabnya ass soon as possible. Semoga bermanfaat! 🙂

Adapun kalian bisa melihat contoh-contoh kelas kata tersebut lebihbanyak di sini :

100 kata kerja, 100 kata benda, 1000 kata sifat dan 150 kata keterangan bahasa inggris beserta artinya

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