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Practicing English on Internet is the best way to increase English skill for anyone who are not living in English speaking country. Practicing which I meant here is to find someone who can speak English to talk with on Internet. As you know, many English teacher have ever told that if we want to increasing our English skill, just a lot a lot to listen English maybe it could be from audio, movie, music or stuff like that. 
Yeah, it absolutely right, because listening can make our understanding larger. But I think, if we just listening, we only can  be a good listener or we can understand every English conversation, but cannot speak clearly or fluently. You now what, if we just listening all the time, there is no change to make our pronunciation correct and our mouth wont familiar with every word in English. 
It’s like if we trying to speak, we make sound strangely because our accent isn’t trained. I never told you if just listening couldn’t make your English better, I just trying to emphasizing you that just listen it’s NOT ENOUGH! You need a bit conversation sometimes to make it perfect. Well, I don’t really want talking more about that actually, at the point, I just want to share some websites that you can use for practicing your English.. Before you visiting these sites you need to instal Skype first. So, If you haven’t install the Skype in your computer yet, you can download it on its official site here: skype.com. Okay, I wish Skype has installed in your computer, and here are the sites:
Speaking24.com is a site that you can find a partner to talk with from many country. As you can see at the pic above, if you want to make a voice call or vdeo call, just klicking one of the list skype icon. You’ll directed to skype and the conversation will be begin 😀 Before you make a call, please look at where they are from, their age, and level.

2. Addmecontacts.com

Addmecontacts.com is my favorite one to find a partner to talk with in English. Because the interface really familiar end easy to use. First, you need to fill the “Skype name”,”age”and”gender”. After that, just click “Add  Me” button. Same as the first site, you just clicking one of several icon like you can see at that picture. And then directly the conversation we’ll be began through the Skype. If you want to speak with voice call, just klik the “phone icon”. If you just chat by message, click icon “chat”. That’s it!

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