How to Learn English Fast

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1. Listening English Audio

Listening of any English audio at least 30 minutes in a day it will be increasing your English skill. Learning English by music, conversation, news and television are really helpful and have much benefit without enter any English course that makes us boring. If you are a beginner, listen to English in your level too.
Do not force your self listening advance English level. You have to focus on what you can, so that you’ll feel more comfortable and won’t get pressure. Listening of English audio is the most recommend thing you have to do to get fluent. 

2. Translating in English what you have done in a day

You know, I used to do this method. Learn things that I have done is really help me out. You make a list what have you done after your waking up time in the morning till you go to bed at night. Write every activity in a day.
Example, I wake up at 6 in the morning, then I took a shower, after that I had breakfast, and went to the campus. In the campus we had a English subject, then at the lunch time I ate noodle with my friends, then (bla, bla, bla)… up to you finally go to bed. You get what I meant Yep, let’s try to apply this method. Make it first in your own language, then try to translate in English.

3. Reading an English book or Article

In a book, there are so many vocabulary that rarely to get. So, if you always reading a book, several of technical vocabulary will familiar with you soon and it can enlarge your understand of new English word. If you found a vocabulary that you have never found before, just try to translate it in your native language.
And If you are too lazy reading of any books, just try to read a short summary article. You can get it from the internet. Many site serve really short summary article, it could be about health, psychology and motivation.

4. Practicing by joining an English Club

Yeah, after you listening English audio, translating what you have done in a day in English, and reading English book, it’s time to make it perfect by practicing your English skill. You can join in some English club in school or some of English club which exist in your region.
At the point, it involve or encourage you to speak. Talking or chatting with other people will make you more familiar with all of words you have learned. It could be by directly talk or chatting through the internet.

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